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Friday, September 23, 2005

module 2: part b) Technology outcomes

Related (specific) Technology outcome being integrated: F4, 2.1-To recognize that graphics, video and sound enhance communication.

Subject: English and Language Arts

Grade: 6

Description: The main objectives are for the students to explore the how graphics, videos and sound are implemented in the use of advertising. The lesson will two main parts: First teacher instruction with class discussion and then secondly student project work of exploration and applying new knowledge.

The teacher talks about the powerful influences of images in advertising in promoting positive or negative messages. With the aid of a power point, the teacher can highlight main ideas. As well using links to various video clips and internet advertisments as examples. The students and teacher can than analyze and discuss the examples together deciding whether a positive or negative message was communicated and why.

Next the students in pairs or small groups are asked to create their own positive advertisements on the computer and use editing features to make it stimulating and appealing to the public eye within the well explained guidelines of the teacher. The students will be given the choice of what kinds of images they wish to use, whether or not the images are animated and if they choose to involve sounds. During the process the students will be required to journal reflection questions. For example: Does my advertisment create feelings of self worth? Does my adertisement put any gender, race or people group down? Am I creating an image/s that I want my viewer to see?
At the end of the process students will be required to present their images to the class. Students will give each othe feedback on whether they felt the advertisement promoted healthy and positive images or negative images and why.


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