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Friday, September 23, 2005

Module 2: Technology Integration and Presentation Software

A) What is technology integration? I believe it is using contrivance and resources beyond traditional stanadars of education as a means of deepening authentic learning. Unfortunatley there appears to be an issue with how to integrate it into the classroom. There are likely many reasons being for this. Technology can be a cost issue, simply by updating it and properly educating the teachers on how to use it. Also I believe another reason of many is that technoloty integration is contraire to past ways of teaching, but we live in an ever changing society and I believe it is important for teachers to adapt and sieze the opportunities to create better learning enviroments that better prepare our students for life outside the classroom.

As Lorraine had mentioned during orientation, integration of techonology for the sake of integrating technology is not enough, but is instead negative. It is bad integration of technology to fall into the trap of basing a lesson on the technology rather than on the good teaching idea. As well, technology needs to be free from any hinderences and biases: gender, race, disability, culutural, etc. Time needs to be taken to before purchasing new technology to ensure the needs of all users will be met. I think another example of bad technology integration can go beyond the lesson, but fall into the evaluation process. For example, students come to school with a wide range of computer skills, from beginnner to advanced. Sometimes students from higher class status in society have more access to computers, and therfore have more skills. Thourough research, thought and consideration are imparative in a computer class, to ensure that students are being graded fairly.

Good technology integration is creating an enviroment where children can explore, research, think critically, and learn skills that go beyond the classroom. An example is allowing children to use several different government, educational and science based websites to do research for tpoics, projects and disscussions. Students can access current events, or follow current astronomical patterns from national geographic kids, or interact with other classrooms aroung the world. This can develop a wide range of skills such as independant learning, exploration, collaboration, etc. Technology in not limited to computers, but can be used with video, photography, music and more.


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