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Sunday, January 15, 2006

DYNAMITE!! The explosion of Teen Magazines...Sheila Manohar

Manohar basically describes how the adolescent girls within North America are sekking to find their identities and are greatly influenced by consumer driven magazines that provide unhealthy concepts of femininity. Sheila educates her readers with her findings in research and statistics about the negative affect of these magazines, but feels the need to incorporate them into the school system by properly educating students about these magazines rather than banning or ignoring them.

I agree with Sheila of how unfortunate it is that adolescent girls turn to these magazines for guidance and receive unrealistic advice on beauty, self-importance, and peer relations from people whose main incentive is money.

I recall my experience from high school where many of my friends invested their money into these magazines, or the products these magazines promoted. Some students even based their opinions of friends or dumped boyfriends based on the quizzes provided in these magazines.

In response to Sheila's atricle, I took a minute to flip through a teen magazine myselg and discovered that indeed a large percentage is made of advertisements. As well, the beauty and fashion "must do's" were most often based on what the celebs wore or what products they used, not because an individual had a unique idea about clothing.

I agree with Sheila in the importance of integrating these magazines by educating students to critique and learn what messages are really conveyed. Whether we approve or not, students will still read these magazines, so why not use they magazines as a tool to develop critical thinking skills, marketing skills, self-confidence and self-respect?


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