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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What is the School's Hidden Curriculum Teaching Your Child? ~ Ausbrooks

In this article Ausbrooks discusses a "hidden curriculum" in all schools, not a curriculum based on acedemic subjects, but one that creates the learning environment. In this hidden curriculum students receive messages in every day events that occur not only within the classroom but also in the hallways, the bathrooms and on the playgrounds. This curriculm teaches socializations rules that could have a positive effect to grow and expand, or a student could recieve negative messages that cause their school experience to be a hated one.

Ausbrooks stated that students often have a great deal of influence in creating the socialization rules, but to what degree depends on teacher prescence and example. What messages are the teachers sending anyways? That science is the only route to follow to university which is the only choice. That the trophy case displaying only athletic awards means to succeed one must be an athlete?

I agree with Ausbrooks that the school environment does impact students greatly creating indepenent, explorative, self-confident students, or it can create a hindering environment that only allows success in certain areas where students who do not fit the cookie cutter feel lost in another world. I think teachers and administration have impact on students self-worth by what the school values and promotes.

I also agree with the point Ausbrooks made about student influence and how they have power on their peers outlook in school. Peers have the ability to change each others schooling experience to a very negative one through bullying and fighting. I believe teachers are not gods that are able to have eyes and prescence in every situation in school, but they can influence a fostering, nuturing environment by practicing themselves acceptance of all in talent, race, class, culture, etc.


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