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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why Kids Need Violent Entertainment? ~Gerard Jones

This article addresses a reoccuring issue on the affects of violent entertainment on children. The intriguing part of the article is how Jones portrays his contrevrsial view of the neccessity of violent television in order for children to effectively deal with emotions and to explore the inescapable feelings that society has taught them to supress.

I agree to an extent with Jones. I do believe that humans were created to live an adventure and fight battles. To extend into gender for a minute- I think boys will be boys in their nature regardless of what people do to train them otherwise. Take a gun or a sword away from a child, then a stick becomes the weapon of the hand. Children should not be sheltered completely from violent entertainment, rather instead they should be educated about it. I would not go to the extent that Jones did in stating any and all types of violent entertainment, even "junky entertainement", is beneficial to children. If we were to educate children in violence, would we not want to choose films and magazines with good morals and messages about violence? Parents can take the time to decided what is appropriate in terms of violence for their children's viewing and reading.

A question to ask though, is violent entertainment the only way to educate children about dealing with anger? While I agree with allowing children to be exposed to a certain amount of violence and allowing them to engage in imaginative play, I also think it is neccessary to teach children other faucets of dealing with anger (ex. exercise, talking, sports, music, etc).


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